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Maintenance System Monitor


The client required a system that could be used to monitor all components of their maintenance and service departments. The areas covered by the system include, Returned Materials Management, Inventory Management, Job Maintenance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, a Partner system (TPM), a Service Center system, and basic customer information and reporting. The system is implemented at all service sites worldwide, providing automated purchase order flow control, data input capabilities, tools for analyzing the service site information, and performance reporting. The system is designed to be able to integrate data for headquarters including field material information, data analysis, and consolidated reporting up to a worldwide level. The TPM and Service Center systems are able to connect to a Monitoring System residing at Philips' headquarters via the Web. In this way, service managers and technicians worldwide are able to access service support over the Web instead of by fax or telephone.


  • User interfaces available on desktop systems and via the Web.
  • Supports user registration and control.
  • On-demand report creation and output as Microsoft Excel Files.
  • COM component encapsulation.
  • Reduction in the time required to input or access information by accessing the Web site versus using faxes or telephone.