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ECommerce Customer Relations


Our client, a startup technology company partnered with a major national reseller of computer products, contacted DSI to design and implement an online tracking system to complement their service-oriented approach. The system needed to provide functionality that would allow for field personnel to interact with internal staff members. In addition, the website also required a functionality that would allow for consumers and resellers to access an electronic store. The electronic store provides a real-time interface to the online order system of a major national information technology fulfiller.


In order to meet their needs, DSI spent time with the management of the startup company to identify key pieces of the system architecture and to document specific system rules and business processes. To document the business logic and processes, DSI developed a series of diagrams using Microsoft? Visio and Visio 2000 applications. These flow charts helped DSI and our software architects create a unique system with multiple graphical user interfaces accessible in a variety of mediums.

In addition, DSI was required to build an interface that would allow data to pass through between the legacy AS400 accounting system of the national reseller and the new web-based system. Working with the Local MIS team, DSI has designed a database system that allows Local MIS staff to track and monitor all activity for Local MIS and its members. The database collects information from multiple graphical user interfaces built into Active Server Pages built with Visual Basic.

Our client was able to deploy a fully functional customized Customer Relationship Management system that included e-commerce functions. The site features a variety of interfaces and a sophisticated profiling system that allows users to maintain certain facets of their profile while others must be updated by our client's staff.