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DSI's decades of work in application development has spanned a multitude of programming languages. The scope of DSI's experience with different programming languages range from object oriented programming, to rapid application design languages, and also scripting and interpreted languages. These are just some of the more popular programming paradigms on the market today that DSI has worked with.

Visual Basic
Developing applications with Microsoft's Visual Basic has allowed DSI to proliferate powerful graphically appeal applications that are fast to develop and easy to deploy and maintain. DSI's competency with Visual Basic is evident from the range of applications that we have design and implemented, ranging from a VB application for a handheld computer to a large-scale multi-tiered client/server application. DSI is able to shorten the development time of any VB application due to our ability to pair established, well supported third party ActiveX controls to component functions of a client's application needs and requirements.

Java is hailed as becoming the foundation for forthcoming computing standards and applications. DSI is happy to have participated in Java development since the early stages of this relatively new programming language, and we feel that DSI is prepare for any direction that Java may embark on. DSI has participated in the development of Java applications in client/server environments, and also in the new Internet application space. DSI has brought the leverage of "write-once, run anywhere" coding to many of our clients ranging from investment banks to Internet based corporations.

Powerbuilder may not be a prominent name in the headlines today, but it is still a very important programming paradigm that DSI fully supports. DSI's development of applications using Powerbuilder has allowed DSI to bring new technologies and new methods of doing business to clients with legacy systems. Government offices and financial firms are just some of the organizations that DSI has used Powerbuilder to extend and enhance legacy systems, bridging a gap that others may have view as being a unfathomable chasm.