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The Internet is the newest frontier. Many new and exciting opportunities are waiting to be discovered and conquered. DSI is proud to say that we have been actively working since the conception of the Internet to aide our clients in making this happen. We have introduced clients to such technologies as ASP, Java, Javascript, VB Script, and Perl, creating innovative tailored applications. DSI has also provided hardware solutions to clients to provide services that allow clients to experience the true revolutions of the Internet, such as E-commerce, and the B2B marketplace. In addition to new technologies, DSI has helped bring existing applications and methods of doing business to the Internet space, one such example being a manufacturing automation process.

DSI's competency include server side applications (ASP, JSP), client side applications (Javascript, DHTML, VBscript), Java solutions (Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Servlets), and of course HTML.

Our expertise also involves integrating hardware and software to provide Internet solutions efficiently and effectively. DSI has extensive experience working with web servers from Microsoft, Apache, and Netscape. Our experience with products such as Siteserver, Commerce Server, and Jrun show the broad range of DSI's capabilities.