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Databases are the engines that drive business applications. Information stored in databases includes sales information, file records, historical data, and just plain data. The features and capabilities of a database really dictate and determine the features and capabilities of an entire system.

DSI has worked in the development of countless database designs using some of the most popular database management systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase. The scale of the systems that DSI has designed and developed range from large-scale enterprise database systems to single user handheld computer database systems.

DSI is competent in all stages of the design and development of a database system. DSI has participated in the design of the database schema and the database objects. DSI also has experience with advanced aspects of database systems, such as data replication, data analysis, and data mining. In addition to these special features of the database design, DSI has also worked in designing, implementing, and programming against specialized database for such task as e-commerce, mapping, data warehousing, manufacturing, and inspection record systems.