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E-Learning Project


E-learning Distant Education systems was a developed for a Taiwanese client to deliver their education system on-line. The site permits students to select courses, order lessons, and take lessons.

The system offers an online selection of courses, through an ordering mechanism that supports payment though credit card, bank remittance, or a credit arrangement. After completing an order, the student can take lessons on line. He or she can listen to an explanation by an experienced teacher. Students may interact and offer their own opinions, discussing what they have learned with fellow students in an online chat room. Using the back-end management system, administration staff can access and manage all relevant information, reviewing orders, confirming orders, and fulfilling book orders.

They can also easily obtain student profiles and map the progress of all the students, track the sale of lessons and monitor the popularity of lessons to support management decisions.

Because the system uses Linux, Apache and MySql, the total cost of development of this project was very low. The same methods can be applied to any platform supporting Linux and based on the Web.


  • Low cost application
  • On line payment
  • Data available for inventory control
  • Ability to analyze course popularity and student preferences
  • On line status of students