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  PowerCCTV Surveillance Security System  
PowerCCTV is the leader in providing HD Security Camera Systems, security DVRs & NVRs and ip surveillance cameras for all type of surveillance. Go To PowerCCTVs.com Go to web site
More PowerKiosk - Customized Kiosk  
PowerKiosk specialize in customizing KIOSKs, application development with fast lead time at very competitive prices! Go To PowerKiosk.net Go to web site
More Power 3D Printer  

Power3DPrinter.com specialize in helping our customers select the right type of 3D printer, smoothing equipment for 3D prints and the material to make all of your designs become a reality.

Also provide a 3D printing service to customers that would like to see the quality of 3D prints that our Pandora 3D printer can produce. Click here to find out more about our 3D printing services.

Go To Power3DPrints.com Go to web site
More DSI Case Management  
Case Management has two dimensions. The first dimension is the
information being stored.The second dimension is the gathering of information.
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DSI expertise Internet Solution  
"The newest innovations, which we label information technologies, have begun to alter the manner in which we do business and create value, often in ways not readily foreseeable even five years ago." Alan Greenspan, Chairman, US Federal Reserve, July 2000. more
DSI Mobile Data Solution  
Based on a research conducted by IDC, there will be 24.1 million mobile workers by 2006. Also a recent esearch by the Mobile Advisor Zone shows that approximately 2/3 of US workforce will need some sort of mobility by end of 2006. It is very important for you to keep your business competitive by
starting your Mobile Strategy today.
DSI Network services  
DSI is experienced in providing Infrastructure Design, Deployment, Implementation, and Maintenance. We provide our small and large clients secure, high speed, and cost effective networks. This includes LAN, WAN, and Wireless Networks. DSI implements a Help Desk application to assist clients in supporting their infrastructure and to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). more
DSI Process and Workflow Automation Solution  
DSI's Process and Workflow Automation Solution is a rules-driven turnkey solution for the real-time enterprise. This solution
includes everything needed to build and deploy intelligent, rules-driven processes without complex programming, manage those processes in a reliable and robust, enterprise environment, and provide users with powerful, real-time management and reporting tools.
DSI Registry  
DSI is experienced in defining such repositories of objects for use within secure computing infrastructures and by the applications and services they support. more