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  Auto Parts E-catalog Program Generator  

Auto Parts E-catalog Program allows you to generate an "installation program" that will burn on a CD all your up-to-date
catalogs, costing you pennies for each CD.

Death Registration Key Entry Application Fact Sheet  

The Death Registration Key-Entry application is a part of EDRS (Electronic Death Registration System), The Key-Entry application is a client server application, which was designed to help the vital statistic agents to enter the entire death records received
daily from different sources.

IT Help Desk Assistant fact sheet  

DSI Help Desk Assistant System Is An Enterprise Web Application For The IT Industry. It Works With Large-Scale Rdbms (Relational Database Management Systems) Microsoft SQL Server As Its Back-End Data Depository Engine. It Has A User-Friendly Frony-End ASP Web Gui (Graphical User Interface)


By using PowerCom you have taken the first step of adding a unique interactive dimension to your meeting. We at PowerCom are dedicated to helping you determine if GRS is appropriate for your meeting and working with you to determine the best way to integrate this technology into your meeting so it provides some
real value.


Time-keeping applications provide key functionality in project management, technical and product support environments, and in value-chain relationship management.


ScoreBoard is a linchpin for systems management environments. It interfaces with tactical point tools (data sources) and retrieves information relevant to the performance of critical business and IT objectives.

Wireless Action Tracking  

If you use bar code system and you like real time package delivery tracking (like UPS & FedEx) and service order. We can help you.
We can integrate the tracking information with your existing business systems.
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