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As an IT solution provider and application development firm, DSI has worked with certain tools that we feel are exceptional products. Synchrologic's Suite of products is an example of such a exception product. DSI has become a Reseller and Integrator of Synchrologic's suite of tools which include the File Sync, Data Sync, Email Accelerator, and System Management products. With these products, it is possible to build and deploy a modular software infrastructure solution that helps companies easily manage, synchronize and gain benefits from utilizing enterprise mobile computing.

DSI has specially train staff that are experts in the inner workings of Synchrologic's suite of products and who are proficient in the area of mobile computing and mobile application development. In the past DSI has successfully developed mobile application for Field Inspection, and mobile case management. DSI can help any organization with mobile computing needs achieve the goals of reducing cost, simplify management, efficiently share and synchronize data, and build a competitive advantage from mobile computing.

DSI can utilize Synchrologic on a number of devices and network infrastructures. We can to build an enterprise mobile computing architecture for laptops, tablet PC's, Palm OS devices, Pocket PC devices, WAP enabled phones, or any combinations of these and other mobile computing devices. Our solutions can also utilize remote dialup, broadband, VPN, disconnected LAN, and even wireless technologies as the communications means for an enterprise mobile computing architecture.

For additional information and answers to questions regarding how DSI can help build and improve upon your enterprise mobile computing needs by using Synchrologic, please contact us at any time. We can provide demonstrations of Synchrologic suite of products and offer insight about how these products can benefit your organizations.