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The Movaris Platform
The Movaris Platform includes everything needed to build and deploy intelligent, rules-driven processes without complex programming, manage those processes in a reliable and robust, enterprise environment, and provide users with powerful, real-time management and reporting tools.

The Movaris Process Builder is a development environment that allows business analysts to rapidly deploy and modify process solutions with minimal IT involvement. Processes can range from complex custom applications like customer account setup, to data collection and routing processes like travel authorization requests. The analyst uses a point and click interface to define unique process attributes which are then translated into client-side intelligence, server properties, and reserved database space upon deployment. Solutions that used to take months or years to deploy now take days or weeks.

The Movaris Process Server manages deployed solutions for business processes throughout your company. It is designed and tested to handle the throughput, security, and reliability requirements of the largest organizations.

The Movaris Dashboard is the web-based application used to start and manage corporate or department processes. Administrators use the Dashboard to manage deployed processes, view statistics and export process data. The Dashboard is the interface to the Movaris Process Server.