DSI arrow IT Support arrow Procedure

1. Download Remote Control Program from: http://www.dsii.net/download/VNC_installed.exe

2. Unzip the file under a new folder such as "ComeHelpMe"

3. Run WinVNC.EXE, type in any password. Choose Unblock for XP Windows Firewall message "Do you want to keep blocking this program?" during installation.

4. Run ComeHelpMe.cmd.

5. Go to Web Call Center and chat with any available Technical Support to help you. (You must install Skype from www.skype.com but no login is needed.)
Or call 1-877-DSINFO7 to talk to on duty technical consultants.

6. You can watch all the support actions our technician performed.

7. Shut down the program, nobody can access your computer until you start the program again.