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Before Contacting DSII Technical and Customer Support

Before contacting DSII for technical support please give us the following information to help you better:
  • A. Definition of the Problem or issue
  • Try to articulate and describe the issue as much as possible and tell the tech support representative all the symptoms in details but still in a concise manner. Be as accurate as you can when explaining your question or problem. Narrate all the steps used so the problem or issue can be reproduced.
  • B. Background Information
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    • Version of the product you are running
    • The operating system or application server
    • All the steps done before the problem occurred
    • Can we reproduce the problem? If so tell us the steps required?
    • Have any update or changes been done recently that may have caused the issue?
    • The error messages that you can see
    • Ticket or reference number if you have already talked to us before about the current problem

How to Contact DSII Technical Support

To submit a problem or issue with DSII technical support team, please make sure to give us the following information:
  • Organization name
  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Ticket or reference number if available
Their experience is also combined with their commitment to deliver proactive and timely customer care and support, thus ensuring that your organization will get the best quality, consistent and timely technical assistance whenever it is needed.

Submitting a problem via the Web

You may ask for request of assistance by logging into the DSII website抯 contact form. This process of submission assures the accuracy of the information submitted and it permits a thorough tracking of the issue.

Other ways to Contact DSII Technical Support

Ticket Handling Procedures

  • Once a ticket is submitted via phone, chat or email, a notification email will be sent to the person requesting within 1 business day, including the person in charge of the request and the resolution due date.
  • By default, all tickets will be resolved within 2-5 business days (depending on the complexity of the issue)
  • In case of any delay, the person requesting will be immediately notified
  • Any ticket, past its due date and is still unresolved will be escalated to the next tier or level of support.
Tier 1/Level 1 Support
  • Initial responder and ticket or issue's reference number creator
  • Identify new or existing case with call-in customer
  • Understand & document the issue
  • Duplicate the issue to determine software bug or problem specific to the client's machine
  • Remote login, if necessary, to gain further information or to try and solve the issue
  • Resolves about 80 percent of the client's issues
  • Escalation to a designated level 2 technician if necessary
Tier 1/Level 1 Support
  • Specialists with more experience and knowledge on products and services.
  • Handles in-depth customer support level
  • Assists the level 1 support team
  • Validation and confirmation of all actions that have been done by the Tier 1 support
  • Investigation of issues that have been elevated for resolutions
  • Actions includes diagnostic testing, software repair and utilization of remote control tools to take over the end user's machine
  • May perform a remote control on a client's machine to resolve complicated issues
  • 24/5 or 24/7 customer service via online chat and phone
  • Online case management with alerts and monitoring for updates
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Access to recent product releases
  • Critical patch notification

On-Site Technician

  • Locally based technicians able to provide on-site support in the top 20 USA metropolitan areas.
  • Same day support and diagnostics