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Automated Food Inspection System Using Handheld Computers

Our client's goal, as a government agency responsible for sanitary health inspections, was to automate restaurant and food inspection processes in a way that would speed inspections, track violations, reduce paper load, and minimize human error. DSI's solution, a three-tier design, incorporates inspection software on a handheld computer for work in the field, a middle tier to receive the handheld data and permit review by management, and a third tier for the processing of violations and the maintenance of archives. It is the first food and restaurant inspection system in the United States to employ handheld computers to drive the inspection process.

Handheld Computers as an Effective Tool in Combating Incidences of Lead Poisoning
Our client, a large city agency, needed a method to manage both the medical casework and the environmental inspection and intervention required to reduce and finally eliminate incidences of lead poisoning among children age six and under. DSI's solution keeps track of the blood lead levels of one million children in a major metropolitan area, and records all the legally required actions associated with high lead level cases within that population. It also employs software developed and implemented by DSI for use on handheld computers to support caseworkers and inspectors in the field.

Help Desk Application
Our client's goal was to provide institution-wide support to meet the needs of civil-service workers using thousands of workstations and peripherals distributed in multiple locations. DSI's solution permits users to notify technicians via the Internet of problems with the equipment they use. It supports the institution's technical staff in responding to their users with full knowledge of the history of the call and access to each device's complete service record. It includes a three-dimensional data-mining tool for spotting trends, reviewing the results of policy, and for reporting, both in tabular and graphic formats.